Stock Analysis

MWIDE Technical Analysis: Wise Men Say Only Fools Rush In

Megawide Construction Corporation (PSE:MWIDE) is poised to test the support near ₱16.55. If the consensus rating of fundamentalists is a buy on MWIDE, do you find it more prudent to wait until the sellers are exhausted or this is another "too cheap to ignore" moment for you? Read...

ICT Technical Analysis: Monitor Between ₱123 and ₱123.4 Tomorrow?

Intl Container Terminal Corporation (PSE:ICT) successfully bounced back from the support at ₱115, and it's now moving above the 10-day SMA. What does our Evergreen Strategy say about ICT? Read our latest technical analysis on ICT to find out.

AP Technical Analysis: Is ₱40.00 Too Thick to Break?

Aboitiz Power Corporation (PSE:AP) has been in an uptrend after breaking the consolidation between ₱34 and ₱38. However, it failed to break the resistance at ₱40 today. Is AP poised to enter another consolidation period between ₱38 and ₱40? Read our latest technical analysis on...

Xurpas Technical Analysis: Does Our Evergreen Strategy Suggest Trading X?

Xurpas Inc. (PSE:X) broke above the minor resistance at ₱1.06 today and it's on its way to re-test the immediate resistance near ₱1.20. Does our Evergreen Strategy find it valid to top up or enter a new position on this stock? Read our latest technical analysis on X to have a...


4 Reasons Why You Must STOP Using a Buy Below Price and a Target Selling Price

Do you do peso cost-averaging? Read this article to know the reasons why a Buy Below price and a Target Selling Price will do you more harm than good in stock trading and investing.
Posted On 28 Oct 2019
, By

NIKL Technical Analysis: What to Do if You Missed Today’s Ceiling Play

Nickel Asia Corporation rose by 50 percent on September 2, 2019 after Indonesia's announcement that it'll ban nickel ore exports starting January 2020. Read this technical analysis of NIKL to know how to trade it from here.

6 Tips to Have an Optimal Trading Experience Using Any Online Stockbroker’s Platform

Does your online stockbroker's platform hang? Contrary to the popular belief, the broker's website is not always the culprit. It could be your computer hardware or internet connection.

How to Be a FOMO-proof Stock Trader and Investor

Wikipedia defines FOMO as “Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. This social anxiety is characterized by “a desire to stay continually connected with what...

Earnings News

San Miguel Corporation’s Recurring Net Revenue Grew by 11%

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) increased its recurring net revenue to 54.7 billion pesos by 11 percent. Combined revenues hit 826 billion pesos, higher by 21 percent, while consolidated operating revenue totaled 111 billion pesos, which is 11 percent higher compared to the 99.7...

Local News

HOME Technical Analysis: Should Value Investors Buy the Dips?

AllHome Corp. (PSE:HOME) is one of the IPO stocks this year that failed to ascend higher than their iPO price, thus far. Is it still logical to think it's okay to buy its dips just because you're a value investor? Read our latest technical analysis on HOME to have a logical basis...

Global News

IPO News

Cebu Landmasters and Eagle Cement Approved for an IPO

MANILA, Philippines – The bourse told reporters on Wednesday that the PSE panel of directors gave nods on the Cebu Landmasters and Eagle Cement’s decision to raise a maximum of 3.8 billion pesos and 9.2 billion pesos from their starting share trades, respectively. The Eagle...

Cebu Landmasters Seeks Initial Public Offering in May

MANILA, Philippines – A Cebu-based real estate developer is set to list its shares on the Philippine Stock Exchange in May. Cebu Landmasters, Inc. has advanced its plan to go public. It has already sought regulatory approval in order to do an initial public offering for...

Bermaz Auto Submits IPO Application Next Semester

MANILA, Philippines – BERMAZ Auto Bhd (BAuto) submits its application for initial public offering (IPO) of its subsidiary in the Philippines, which may take place next semester and total up to P1.24 billion. Bursa Malaysia, the Mazda distributor in Malaysia and the Philippines,...

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