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Tell us all your questions and confusions.

We'll respond with a data-driven explanation.

Trade and invest with conviction.
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We will not prematurely influence your decision. We are neutral.

We will tell everything we know about the stock - positive and negative.

You can decide objectively. You can't be hyped.
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People are undisciplined traders and investors because they don't have the tools and system.

We create every opportunity to becoming disciplined and systematic.

Tame your greed and pacify your fear with us. Be like us.
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Don't know what to do with your stock portfolio?

Enroll it in our Portfolio Rehabilitation Program.

Your assigned equity analyst will update you every month.

Welcome, future INDEPENDENT and PROFITABLE stock trader and investor!

Our purpose is to make sure that you are disciplined with your stock investment decisions, organized with your trade and investment setups, and knowledgeable with why you do what you do and how you do it.
Online Stock Market Courses

Fact # 1: You are reading this because you would you like to know how to grow your money by investing in the Philippine stock market through the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Fact # 2: You are here because you would you like to master how to analyze financial statements, read stock charts, plot Fibonacci, understand candlestick patterns, and interpret technical indicators and oscillators among others.

If the only thing that stops you from making these things happen is the impracticality of attending an in-person seminar because you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), your geographical distance, or your busy schedule at work, you should stop worrying right now. We’ve created our Our Online Stock Market Courses product to address all of your concerns on that matter.

No need to enroll yourself on anything. No need to pressure yourself on time-based class schedules.

Just play our videos lessons for each course. Re-play them as often as you like. You can watch the videos with your family and friends on your internet-enabled smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, or any mobile device.

Learn. Any time. Anywhere.

Stock Ranking System

Let’s not sugarcoat it: doing a manual fundamental analysis and technical analysis is difficult and tedious but you still have to do them. Fundamental analysis tells you which companies you should buy or sell. Technical analysis tells you when you should buy or sell.

Mind you, there are 300+ companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. The only way to screen the best companies you should invest into is by analyzing them all. If you’re doing a manual analysis, the facts and figures of the first ones you’ve analyzed will have already changed by the time you’re finished with the last company. You surely cannot do this especially if you’re busy.

Why don’t we trade? You have the problem. We have the solution.

You have our Stock Ranking System! Why endure the stress from doing a manual analysis if we’ve already automated fundamental and technical analyses for you?

Stock Ranking System

We will teach you how to become an independent stock trader or investor. That doesn’t mean you’re going to learn things on your own, however. This is why we have a private group for you.

Our Private Clients Forum is our core group where only want to discuss and share trade setups, ad hoc analysis, and advanced trading strategies that you won’t hear from your broker.

While the aura in our Private Clients Forum is so professional, you won’t feel intimidated to ask. We will answer you in Filipino if you ask in Filipino. We will level the sophistication of our response on your level until such time that we can gradually level up the tone of our conversation from basic to advanced information.

You’ll never be alone in your journey to becoming an independent stock trader and investor. Join our Private Clients Forum today!

Daily Stock Analysis

Do you know if the companies you already have or the ones you’re eyeing are fundamentally sound?

Are you informed about the probable future price direction of your stocks?

Do you have the time to do both fundamental analysis and technical analysis? Do you know how to do both?

You should know so you can put yourself in a perfect setup for a more profitable than painful experience trading or investing in stocks. But, be honest. Is your answer a big YES to all questions?

Not confident with your answer? No worries. We will send you 5 comprehensive stock analyses from Monday to Friday before the start of the next trading day!

The only way to become an informed trader and investor is when you know what’s happening to the stocks from the perspective of fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Get our Daily Stock Analysis product today!

Daily Stock Analysis

Why do we talk about the Top 5 Gainers everyday?

Aren’t you interested to know if the bullish momentum of the Top 5 Gainers would continue so that if you do not have those stocks yet, you can enter a new position if those stocks still have a relatively good reward-to-risk ratio?

Why do we talk about the Top 5 Losers everyday?

If you already hold any of the Top 5 Losers, aren’t you interested to know if those stocks would continue to plummet so that you could either cut your losses at once or in tranches?

None of the brokers in the Philippines give a top 5 gainers and top 5 losers analysis to their clients in a video format.

Smart people won’t think twice getting this powerful tool right now.


You can tell that each of our five products has a unique purpose that you feel like there’s a void in your trading strategy if you will only get one or three of them. Each tool is so powerful that when you combine all of them, you know you’ll come out better off than you were before.

  • Why experience the hassles of in-person seminars if you can learn things from home through our Stock Market Courses?
  • Why frustrate yourself doing a manual fundamental analysis and technical analysis if we have automated it already for you through our Stock Ranking System?
  • Why should you experience the learning process alone if our equity analysts and mentors can guide you personally in our Private Clients Forum?
  • Why don’t you leave the stock analysis to us if we can send you 5 stock analyses from Monday to Friday?
  • Why keep on guessing without any basis if the top 5 gainers will continue to soar or not and whether the top 5 losers will continue to drop or not if we can send you our analysis in a video format from Monday to Friday?

Get all our 5 tools in one bundle. We got you covered with our Gold Package. Your problems. Our solutions.

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