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Welcome, future INDEPENDENT and PROFITABLE stock trader and investor!

Our purpose is to make sure that you are disciplined with your stock investment decisions, organized with your trade and investment setups, and knowledgeable with why you do what you do and how you do it.
Portfolio Rehabilitation

Did you know that 85% of people who invest in the stock market lose money?

It is not because the stock market is a bad asset class but because some reckless investors pushed the buy button before they studied the companies. While you think that “study first, buy later” is common sense, it’s far from being common in the Philippine stock market. As a result, they get paranoid at the sight of their stock portfolio gleaming with numbers in red.

Our Stock Portfolio Rehabilitation Program will give you direction and discipline in managing your own portfolio. It’s about time to enroll your account for a port rehab.

Online Stock Market Courses

Thousands of Filipino stock traders and investors choose our Online Stock Market Courses over the traditional in-person seminars because of four key factors.

  1. Convenience – No need to travel. Watch our videos on your phone.
  2. Flexibility – Dictate your own study time.
  3. Wider Reach – Watch the videos with friends.
  4. Affordability – Even a student can afford this product.

We produced the lessons in our videos with the Filipinos in mind in a Philippine setting. You can now learn how to invest in the Philippine Stock Market wherever you area. Learn. Anytime. Anywhere.

Daily Stock Analysis

Why do we talk about the Top 5 Gainers every day?

Aren’t you interested to know if the bullish momentum of the Top 5 Gainers would continue so that if you do not have those stocks yet, you can enter a new position if those stocks still have a relatively good reward-to-risk ratio?

Why do we talk about the Top 5 Losers every day?

If you already hold any of the Top 5 Losers, aren’t you interested to know if those stocks would continue to plummet so that you could either cut your losses at once or in tranches?

None of the brokers in the Philippines give a top 5 gainers and top 5 losers analysis like we do.

Daily Stock Analysis

Hundreds of testimonials show that we are the preferred provider of stock analysis in the Philippines. The structure of our reports shows why.

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Volume Chart
  • Price-Volume Distribution Chart
  • Foreign Fund Flow Chart
  • Online Foreign Brokers Transactions Chart
  • Top 10 Players Sentiments
  • Risk-Level Indicator Chart
  • Analyst’s Overall Sentiment

You’ll never want to be the last person to have an access to our analysis.

Stock Ranking System

Are you looking for a core group who will answer your questions seriously?

Our Private Clients Forum is our core group where we only discuss proprietary strategies and tools. You won’t find the majority of our tools from any broker. So even if you’ll export our proprietary charts outside our group, nobody can explain them correctly but us.

While the aura in our Private Clients Forum is so professional, you won’t feel intimidated to ask. We will answer you in Filipino if you ask in Filipino. We will level the sophistication of our response on your level until such time that we can gradually level up the tone of our conversation from basic to advanced information.

Stock Ranking System

Fundamental analysis tells you which companies you should buy or sell. Technical analysis tells you when you should buy or sell.

There are 300+ companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. The only way to screen the best companies you should invest into is by analyzing them all. If you’re doing a manual analysis, the facts and figures of the first ones you’ve analyzed will have already changed by the time you’ve finished analyzing the last company.

The good news is you have our Automatic Stock Ranking System! Analyzing companies can now be done with one click of a mouse.

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