Insurance Industry Expected to Maintain Double-digit Growth

Olaf Kliesow, the newly appointed president of the PLIA foresees a double-digit growth for the insurance industry as a result of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion.

BSP Resumes 28-day Term Deposits

Starting February 7, the BSP will resume offering the 28-day term deposits with an initial volume of P20 billion. Total offering will be raised to P60 billion.

Massive Infrastructure Projects to Take Effect This 2018

Duterte Administration's massive infrastructure to take effect this year following the implementation of the TRAIN Act. About a fourth of the capital needed would come from the TRAIN revenue.

ALI Fights Global Warming Through Carbon Neautrality

Carbon neutrality is just one of the ways to fight global warming. ALI is taking responsibility of its developments by allotting sites for forest regeneration.

ICTSI Operates in Papua New Guinea

ICTSI starts their operation in Port Lae in Papua New Guinea. With their new operating system, Navis N4, they are expecting to increase seaside and landside productivity level.

Will BitCoin End Up Like Gold?

BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies are starting to get the attention of the mass public and not just business enthusiasts and investors. Will it end up like gold? Are you going to switch from trading Philippine stocks to trading bitcoin?

Facebook Bans All Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook released a new policy that bans financial products and services that mislead and deceive the public regarding business and money matters such as ICOs, binary options, and cryptocurrencies.

Will the Philippines Be the Fastest Growing Economy in ASEAN-5?

First Metro Investment Corporation thinks that the Philippines will be the fastest growing economy in ASEAN-5? How will this affect the Filipino that invests in the Philippine stock market?

Credit Growth Alarms BSP of Economic Overheating

Credit growth rate in December 2017 was recorded as the slowest in seven months. How does it affect both businesses and individuals?

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