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We publish news about the earnings reports of companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

BSP: FDI Hit 10.05 Billion Dollar Record in 2017

The foreign direct investment (FDI) net inflow hit a high record of 10.05 billion US dollars last year, which is higher by 21.4 percent compared to the record in 2016, following the positive sentiment of investors in the midst of the Philippines’ healthy macroeconomic prospects, said by the BSP.

Ayala Corporation (AC) Net Income Grew 16% in 2017

Ayala Corporation (AC) increased its net revenue to 30.3 billion pesos by sixteen percent last year, accredited the favorable outcome to the strong contribution of equity earnings collected from the business units of the company headed by the Ayala Land and AC Energy.

BEL Revenue Recorded an All-Time High Driven by Gaming Profits

Belle Corporation (BEL), published a high earnings record of 3.5 billion pesos and an 8 billion pesos revenue accredited from its strong gaming business revenues. The increase in revenue was pushed mainly by an increase in gaming profits, according to Belle.

EastWest Revenue Increased by 48% in 2017 Leading ROE

EastWest Banking Corporation, the 13th largest bank in the Philippines as regards assets, increased its earnings by 48 percent the previous year, enabling it to hit the topmost return on equity (ROE) at 13.8 percent among registered universal banks.

CLC Net Income Boomed to 161 Million Pesos Within a Year

Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corporation recorded a net income of 161 million pesos last year which is higher by 17.5 percent compared to net profit that was recorded in 2016. CLC claims to be moreover superior in the market in relation to tanker GRT volume with a share of fourteen percent.

Megaworld Revenue Climbed 11% in 1Q2017

MANILA, Philippines – Megaworld Corporation’s net revenue rose 11 percent which is 2.9 billion pesos in the 1st three months of 2017. According to the officials, the reason behind the increase is...

Ayala Corp Net Income Grew 20 Percent

MANILA, Philippines – The oldest group of companies in the Philippines, Ayala Corporation, reported a 20 percent incline or 6.9 billion pesos in the first three months due to the robust...

Cemex Income Drops 24% in 1Q2017

MANILA, Philippines – A 4% decline or 350 million pesos for the first quarter's net income was reported by Cemex Holding Philippine Inc., a subsidiary of the Mexican cement giant. The company...

Last Year’s Income Hiked 7% for Calata Corporation

MANILA, Philippines – Calata Corporation, a major manufacturer of agricultural products disclosed a 7% net income hike last year which is 165.45 million pesos. This is higher than the previous year. Calata...

CAT’s 2Q FY2016-2017 Net Loss at P76.6 Million

MANILA, Philippines - Central Azucarera de Tarlac, Inc. (PSE:CAT) disclosed its 2016 financial statements. The company’s fiscal year ends on June 30. It reported 2Q fiscal year 2016-2017 net loss of...
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