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Money Is in Knowing WHAT to Do With Your Market Outlook

I've noticed that brokers have started to conduct in-person seminars where they will share their thoughts about the current stability and future direction of the main bellwether index or PSEi. Try to...

Online Stock Market Courses: A Better Option for OFWs Who Can’t Attend Seminars

People always ask, "Sir, what do I need to do to trade and invest in the stock market independently so that I won't be at the mercy of stock tippers?" My only...

How to Use the Peak-and-Trough Analysis?

The up and down trends in the progress of price activities in all securities are called peaks and troughs. The term zigzag pattern usually describes these trends. Various chart software that...

How to Use the Guppy Multiple Moving Average in Trading?

What is Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA)? It is a technique developed by an Australian trader named Daryl Guppy. It is a measurement method being used for technical assessments to evaluate fluctuating trends....

Read This Before You Ask About Stocks on Facebook Groups

Have you seen people who have developed the habit of posting their stock market-related questions on Facebook Groups? If you are on the brink of doing the same, please think twice and...

Techniques in Using Price-to-Sales Ratio

There are numerous ways on how to measure the value of equities. One of them is the price-to-sales ratio, sometimes written as Price/Sales or P/S. This is one of the simplest...

How to Spot and Avoid Gurus That Promote Herding on Facebook Groups

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has only just released its public advice against dishonest acts including the pyramid and Ponzi investment schemes. Herding  is also increasingly alarming in the Philippines. According to...

Trade Strategy: Check the Daily Top Gainers and Losers

Here's what other people think about us, "These people from the Stock Signals Philippines are lunatics. They talk about the stocks that already surged and plummeted. Why talk about things that...

Your Mentor Wants to Talk TO and WITH You Re: Your Stock Portfolio

How are you? How's your stock portfolio? Do you know how to maximize your gains on your bullish stocks? Do you know how to control your losses on your bearish stocks? My team and...

Which of These 4 Active Trading Strategies Do You Do?

Active trading is the process of selling and buying securities centered on the temporary movements in order to get yields on the short-term. It is significantly different from the methods in...
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DNL Industries Sees Ban on Single-Use Plastics as an Opportunity

DNL Industries' new product is the solution to the looming ban on single-use plastic. Will DNL's stock price go higher because of this?

Philippine Stock Exchange Index: Will End 2019 Between 7400 and 7500?

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) is still experiencing an outflow of foreign funds. Are we going to see the main index above 7,900 or between 7,400 and 7,500 before the end of 2019?

Victorias Milling Co. Saw 7% Net Income Increase Even as Productivity Drops

Listed sugar miller Victorias Milling Co. Inc. saw its net income increase, but revenues and productivity declined. Is this bullish for VMC?

Sangley Airport Development Bid for by MacroAsia Corp-China Communications Construction Co. Tandem

Macroasia Corp and China Communications Construction Co. partnered up to bid for the transformation of Sangley airport. How will this affect the price of MAC in the stock market?

Bank of the Philippine Islands Under Probe for $19.5M Laundering Scandal

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is currently investigating 10 banks for their alleged involvement in a massive money laundering scandal with Australian Bank Westpac. The Bank of the Philippine Islands is specifically named. Will this negatively affect the stock price of BPI? Who are the other banks?