Stock Signals Philippines’ Copyright Policy

The copyright policy for Stock Signal Philippines is an important portion of our Terms and Conditions. This gives the users an overview about the usage of our website’s content. Additionally, this policy also addresses the prospect of purchasing supplementary licenses for certain categories of Stock Signal Philippines’ usage. As an established business, we depend on user compliance as a high standard for delivering journalism of excellent quality. Stock Signal Philippines reserves the right to modify this policy every now and then or as needed. All updates made will be posted on Stock Signals Philippines’ website, taking immediate effect. Previous versions shall be disregarded upon publication of policy changes. The present version of this copyright policy was issued last November 10, 2016.

Definition of Copyright

Having a copyright law ensures the copyright owner’s right to supervise and manage the usage of works that are protected by copyright law. The entirety of materials published on Stock Signals Philippines’ website and its affiliate platforms are subjected to this law, and any forms of use must follow the rules stated under the “Stock Signals Philippines’ Content Usage” section. Unauthorized usage of our content will be grounds for infringement of copyright, with accountability in personal and corporate entities as corresponding consequences. Furthermore, unapproved use of Stock Signals Philippines’ materials is considered as a breach of the agreement established in our Terms and Conditions, which also breaks copyright law.

Stock Signals Philippines’ Content Usage

Listed below are the following set of regulations that encompass the dos and don’ts when utilizing our content:

  • Viewing Stock Signals Philippines on compatible devices, such as laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones, or other electronic devices is permitted. You may also download the materials we have to offer for your personal usage only.
  • Reproduction of our articles by printing single copies on paper is also allowed.
  • Articles may be shared by means of using the links provided via the digital sharing platforms we have provided.

Guidelines on Redistribution of Stock Signals Philippines’ Content

Aside from the exemptions stated above, Stock Signals Philippines does not consent to the republishing of full text materials, whether it is Stock Signal Philippines’ contents or articles from a secondary source used by Stock Signals Philippines (i.e., news).  Copying full articles and pasting them online for other newsletters, e-mails, intranets, and social media is prohibited.

On behalf of our clients, we acknowledge the fact that sharing information is a necessity. However, sharing both Stock Signals Philippines’ and our sources’ content, with the intention of selling it off as your own, is detrimental to our corporation’s revenue. Thus, we have established an agreement that permits redistribution of Stock Signals Philippines content, but only in a limited manner. Republishing is allowed, as long as it does not, in any way, create a negative impact on Stock Signals Philippines in terms of its profits, products, and services.

On condition that you do not breach the rules stated, you are permitted to engage in the following:

  • You may publish a Stock Signals Philippines’ article online by copying the original headline and the initial 140 characters of the chosen article. This will serve as a ‘teaser’ of what the article has to offer.
  • You may also forward the copied content, including the links, original headlines, and teaser to other people.
  • Additionally, you are also permitted to download Stock Signals Philippines’ Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds for your own use. As of the moment, we make use of these RSS feeds in publishing teasers and headlines. The sharing of RSS feeds is also allowed for third-party users which include the organization you work with, the website you run, and the likes. However, there are certain parameters that need to be taken into consideration when sharing our RSS feeds to external sources.

Using Stock Signals Philippines’ RSS feeds has the following restrictions for user compliance:

  • Publishing RSS feeds is only allowed by making it accessible on web-based browsers.
  • Using RSS feed publications as a paid form of product or service for commercial gain is not allowed.
  • In the process of publishing, the headlines and teasers should follow the initial format found on Stock Signals Philippines. Also, links must be redirected to the original article on Stock Signals Philippines’ site.
  • Stock Signals Philippines must be accredited in the RSS feeds to be used. (e.g., © Stock Signals Philippines 2016)
  • Archiving the feed and any portion of its contents is strictly forbidden.
  • Stock Signals Philippines logos must be used in compliance with our guidelines.

Using Summarized Parts From Stock Signals Philippines’ Content

As stated earlier, redistribution of full texts from Stock Signals Philippines is generally not allowed. The single exemption is that sharing of full text will only be allowed if we are to provide certain sharing tools.

Conversely, republication is permitted, given that the Stock Signals Philippines content being shared is a summarized version of the original, full text. There are specific conditions to be followed if you are planning to use summarized content. A verbatim approach can be used, given that 30 exact words from the full text are inserted and cited in an original article. Another approach involves a non-verbatim summary that utilizes 30 words that give an overall view of the original Stock Signals Philippines article, without altering the intended message.

In using summarized text, these are the following guidelines needed:

  • Stock Signals Philippines must be cited as the author of the contents you have utilized for your summary, whether verbatim or non-verbatim. Proper attribution must be included in the article. This may include the Stock Signals Philippines writer’s name, a study conducted by our company, and other similar citations. Also, when citing the words “Stock Signals Philippines”, these three terms must be hyperlinked back to the original content found on our website at
  • When using non-verbatim texts, it is essential to acknowledge yourself as the author, but at the same time, state the Stock Signals Philippines’ article as your reference with a hyperlink that will redirect back to our website.
  • In terms of revenue, you must ensure that the summarized texts you have utilized would not affect the services and products of Stock Signals Philippines and should not be a used as a source for commercial gain. Creating verbatim and non-verbatim summaries is limited to a total of 10 per day.
  • Summarized texts that are used for promotion and endorsement of any type of service or product are proscribed.
  • Lastly, the opportunity to use summarized text from Stock Signals Philippines will be revoked if, under certain circumstances, we find out that the summaries you have created for redistribution compromise our regulations, unless a suitable agreement is reached for both parties (you and Stock Signals Philippines).

Disclaimer: The rights stated above are restricted to Stock Signals Philippines data only, and are not inclusive of materials licensed from external sources such as index providers. Third-party contents do not permit redistribution of any sort.

Process of Linking to the Stock Signals Philippines Website

There are several guidelines for sharing Stock Signals Philippines’ content when making use of links. These are the following considerations when linking to Stock Signals Philippines’ website at

  • Usage of Stock Signals Philippines logos as a form of display and as a link citation indicator is allowed, given that our guidelines for branding are followed. However, using these trademarks without our permission is forbidden.
  • The chosen logos from Stock Signals Philippines must not be tampered with in any way.
  • Stock Signals Philippines’ homepage and other pages can be linked, but only under the condition that the copyright policy is strictly followed.
  • Linking is allowed as long as it is not for commercial gain.
  • Additionally, linking Stock Signals Philippines must not be for any other purpose such as endorsement of specific commodities.
  • When linking to our website, there must be an assurance that our company is not given a distorted image.
  • The website being linked with Stock Signals Philippines must be free from infringement issues, especially when it comes to intellectual property. Also, these websites must be in strict compliance with existing regulations and laws that are of equal caliber with copyright laws.
  • The website being linked should not have materials that are offensive in nature.

What You Can’t Do With Stock Signals Philippines’ Content Usage

Without the purchase of appropriate licenses, you are not allowed to engage in the following activities:

  • Sharing of passwords and usernames for registered members is not allowed. Doing so will be a breach in the agreement between you and Stock Signals Philippines, which is likely to result in copyright infringement. Giving out your password to other parties leaves our content vulnerable for unauthorized people to use for their personal advantage.
  • Any form of copying, redistributing, or publishing of graphics, tables, photos, or full texts from articles is forbidden, unless a Stock Signals Philippines’ sharing tool is provided.
  • Only summarized works are allowed, with the corresponding guidelines stated above. Plagiarizing our content is a strict offense.
  • Reproduction of our work by means of photocopying or scanning articles is not permitted.
  • Tampering or removing our trademarks and logos from Stock Signals Philippines’ content is prohibited.
  • Utilizing data mining technology on Stock Signals Philippines is illegal.
  • Database creation through manual or electronic means, which focuses on gathering, collecting, storing, and downloading Stock Signals Philippines content, is a serious offense.
  • In relation to the offense stated above, another forbidden act includes accessing Stock Signals Philippines with the intent of harvesting and framing its materials.
  • Attempting to use Stock Signals Philippines’ data for purposes outside of copyright and other legal agreements made.

To learn more about Stock Signals’ rules and regulations, please visit the Stock Signals Philippines: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

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