Dips in the Cryptocurrency With an All-Time Low for Bitcoin

Recent dips in the crypto market caused a massive stir in investors. But what caused Bitcoin to hit its all-time low? We'll tell you what we know.

Will BitCoin End Up Like Gold?

BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies are starting to get the attention of the mass public and not just business enthusiasts and investors. Will it end up like gold? Are you going to switch from trading Philippine stocks to trading bitcoin?

Facebook Bans All Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook released a new policy that bans financial products and services that mislead and deceive the public regarding business and money matters such as ICOs, binary options, and cryptocurrencies.

Facebook Prohibits Cryptocurrency Advertisements

In order to protect its users from misleading, scam, and deceptive advertisements, Facebook created a new policy that bans advertisements regarding cryptocurrencies. Will this affect the price of cryptocurrencies? Let us know in the comments.

Samsung Enters the BitCoin Mining Market

Samsung expands their business even more by entering the BitCoin market. It now embarks the road to hardware mining market and expects to grow further.

BitCoin Is Not Money and Could Approach Zero Value

BitCoin is not money and not even an asset. Where does it stand in the market? Why do some people still insist the use of this as means of exchange?

Volatility Engulfs Asian Stocks After the US Selloff

NEW YORK – Uncertain movements in the Asian stock market will be a sure thing as the political noise in the White House continues due to the issue about US President Donald Trump, which had caused the weakest record to dawn in the US stocks causing the investors to choose...

EOD Report: American Political Noise on Front

NEW YORK – Concerns are continuously mounting on the US’ current administration which is luring risks to come and sending the gold and yen upwards while US stocks and futures are down. The transactions in S&P 500 Index dropped, and the equities in Asia tumbled due to...

Cyber Security Stocks Surge Amid the Recent Cyber Attacks

USA – Due to the wave of online hacking across the world last week, software security service providers like FireEye Incorporated accelerated last Monday with the expectation that cyber security industry will boom because of the exposed weaknesses in the attack. PureFunds...

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