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Learn Goldman Sachs’ Way of Cutting Off Jobs

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Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has been questioned for laying off people from plants in a procedure of small stages in weeks.

In February, 43 jobs were cut off in Goldman Sachs plant. After six weeks, 109 workers were announced to lose their jobs. Next, in April, 146 more cuts were done. In June, the saga continued with 98 layoffs. Just recently, 20 layoffs have been announced last week.

Besides layoffs, internal memos accessed by Bloomberg cited Goldman Sachs was also left by over six of its partners.

The company’s approach in cutting off people largely differs from Morgan Stanley, which focused on larger and one-time layoff. Morgan Stanley cut as much as a quarter of its fixed-income employees and 470 salesmen and traders. In total, the layoff is composed of 1,200 employees. Stanley’s Trading Chief, Ted Pick, stated that he favored a fearless move.

Learn Goldman Sachs' Way of Cutting Off Jobs

Source: Bloomberg

Goldman Sachs was aware that New York’s big companies must file “WARN Notice” to state authorities when cutting off employees as many as 250 or more. In certain circumstance, employers must also make the authorities aware of smaller layoffs.  WARN notices do not include voluntary retirements or job slashes beyond New York.

In total, the company cut off 443 jobs with “plant layoff” cited in each case. Despite cutting off jobs in separate stages, New York-based Executive-Search Firm DHR International Partner, Jeanne Branthover, stated that people would still get a negative impression of the company.

Goldman Sachs Chief Financial Officer, Harvey Schwartz, made a statement at a conference in November. He explained that it is the company’s philosophy not to broadcast layoffs. According to Schwartz, if the revenue environment seems to fail, the committee has to take action. A lot of announcements is not expected from the firm for it is a normal course of business.

A source aware of Goldman layoffs stated that the recent layoffs included notifying the 20 people this month or the previous. The employees are confirmed not part of a union. Terminations are anticipated to occur in November 5 or January 5, which was posted by Goldman’s Labor Department.

The bank’s Global Head of Employment Law and Managing Director Gena Palumbo appeared to be Goldman’s sole contact in WARN notices.  The bank’s spokesman declined to comment. When the financial struggle of Goldman raged in 2008, the company cut off 900 staff in separate stages in New York.

The number of consultants and part-time workers in Goldman Sachs fell to 34,900, a 5.4% decline. The company allocated $92 billion for wages and benefits in 2016 through September.

Goldman Sachs preferred a gradual approach. According to its Chief Executive Officer, Lloyd Blankfein, they stay into the minimum for better responses on revenue opportunities in the future.

However, the firm’s goal seems to be vague. In January, cutting five percent of its fixed-income employees was done. After two months, Goldman cut off between five to 10 percent. By May, layoffs were done by 10 percent.

Goldman Sach’s poor revenue refresher in 2016 caused continued layoffs. The first nine months resulted to 11 percent decline in total trading returns despite recoveries in second and third quarters.

Branthover stated to keep an eye on the company’s indecipherable moves. This company movement seems to be driven by internal changes. Alternatively, there may be areas or companies that are not performing sufficiently.

Watch the video interview below.


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