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New Mac Services, Possible Apple Growth

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Apple Inc. reveals a series of new macs, which the giant sees as driving factor for growth and increased margins.

At the computer giant’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, new computer monitor and MacBook Pro laptops were presented in a press conference. Apple claimed that although customers are spending more with iPad on apps, music, and films, laptops remain more profitable.

Apple’s Co-Founder, Steve Jobs, once claimed that the new product line would be depicted as iPad-redundant. He claimed that iPads are “post-PC” gadgets during its 2010 launch.

Nonetheless, the new MacBook Pro was still introduced, powered with Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanning technology enables shoppers to utilize Apple Pay payments system conveniently.

Instead of physical buttons, MacBook Pro has Touch Bar, which serves as digital keyboard. Based on the application you currently use, functions will change through a thin organic light-emitting diode screen.

MacBook Pro has Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro features either 13-inch or 15-inch display. The 13-inch version is priced at $1,499 without the new Touch Bar, whereas the 15-inch version is valued at $2,399.

Bloomberg data reported that the average selling price of iPad is almost $800 less than the Mac. Apple’s annual revenue of $216 billion consisted of 11 percent from the computer.

Mac revenue fell from its 2015 peak, but laptop remains more sell-able than tablets. To expand Apple’s revenue, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook plans to offset slowing hardware sales by focusing on iTunes, App Store, and iCloud sales generation.

Minneapolis-based Piper Jaffray Analyst, Gene Munster, stated to his clients’ note that the new Mac notebooks may not change revenue performance greatly, but it could be assistive for near-term growth.

An LG Electronics Inc. joint development of 5K monitor was also announced, which connects to the new MacBook Pro. Additionally, new TV app was unveiled during the conference.

In New York, Apple shares declined to $114.48, which is around one percent. Due to hopes of strong iPhone 7 sales, the past three months established a 20 percent increase in stocks.

Needham & Co. Analyst, Laura Martin, stated that if Apple succeeds in using Macs to sell more of its services, the notebooks would become more profitable than iPads.

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