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Asian Stocks Decline Over Trump’s Victory

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Asian stocks decline amid market unpredictability as investors await Republican Donald Trump’s victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election.

In Tokyo at 1:18 P.M., MSCI Asia Pacific Index dropped to 135.07, which is a loss of two percent. The slide is the biggest one-day plunge since June 24 when United Kingdom announced it will be leaving European Union.

On Wednesday, short-term market instability was recorded when Trump’s win was forecasted relative to his possible 29 electoral-vote lead in Florida, which is an unexpected and strong early result.

Apart from Florida, Trump was seen overtaking Clinton in North Carolina, which is inclusive of all states the Republican needs to move towards the White House. Colorado and Virginia’s partial results showed Clinton is leading. The two states are critical to the Democrat’s win. Nonetheless, a state Clinton relies on, New Hampshire, seems to be pulled out by Trump.

From MSCI Asia Pacific Index peak in September through Tuesday, the measure decreased by 3.1 percent as investors worldwide brace themselves for the election results.

There is a 4.5 percent decline in S&P 500 Index futures, which eliminated its 0.8 percent previous gains. The measure of underlying equity grew by 0.4 percent on Tuesday, which covered its most commended two-day growth since June.

A loss of 3.7 percent was exhibited by Japan’s Topix index. After its three-day drop, yen traded against dollar at 101.80. Kospi index of South Korea plunged by 2.4 percent, while New Zealand’s S&P/ NZX 50 Index also dropped by 3.3 percent. Australia’s S&P/ ASX 200 Index decreased by two percent.

Taiwan’s Taiex lost 2.1 percent and Singapore’s Straits Times Index dropped by 1.2 percent.

China’s Shanghai Composite Index declined by 1.3 perfect after its 10-month high, whereas Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong slipped by 2.8 percent.

Clinton had to win Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Iowa in order to revive her chances of presidency, but that did not materialize.

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