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Asia Awaits If Trump Breaks or Retains China Relations

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Asian security experts stated that the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump would likely face China’s early test of will. The country awaits how Trump enforces policies on U.S. and China relations.

Many are wondering who the real Trump is – an isolationist or a conforming president. The early test shows how much the new U.S. president will change the Asian relations of its country, such as if Taiwan will likely make its own security arrangements or proceed with its U.S. protection reliance.

Ni Lexiong, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law professor, stated that China will probably enforce more pressure on Trump administration to test their bounds. There may be a global war or East Asian peace after Trump’s win.

During the Hainan island incident in 2001, heavy pressure was added to George W. Bush after a fighter from China collided with the most powerful intelligence-gathering plane.

Reassurance of alliance in Asia was given by Trump to Japan and South Korea through telephone calls to the countries’ Prime Minister and President, respectively.

Next week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan is planning to meet the president-elect in New York. Kunihiko Miyake, Ritsumeikan University’s visiting professor, said that Abe’s approach to the new U.S. president should be very heedful. Japan should try working with the new U.S. administration without preaching or reprimanding.

The early actions of the new President showed how a traditional Republican should work. Yanmie Xie, Gavekal Dragonomics’ China Policy Analyst, stated that Chinese believe they could handle Trump for they could deal with businesspersons and know how to calm a powerful dictator’s ego. Nonetheless, Trump has advisers who are clearly posing anti-Chinese perspectives.

Alexander Gray, Mike Pillsbury, and Peter Navarro are among Trump’s advisers, who are outspoken concerning their anti-Chinese views.

If the new U.S. president will respond to any test from China strongly, there will be relief for U.S. allies. These Asian allies may be more than willing to comply with his demands in at least heightening their own defense allocations.

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