LONDON – As the dollar rises with the Treasury’s earnings when the Feds stated that the recent economic slowdown is nothing to worry about, U.S. stocks dropped down. Meanwhile, copper got an all-time low in the last 7 years.

Nasdaq 100 Index drew back with lesser limits. S&P 500 Index equaled its loss in the last half-hour of trade as the collapse on copper burdens the producers. The Feds decision on the interest rates remaining the same and that it’s not something that can impact the economy big-time sends the dollar value higher as compared to the other currencies. The Treasury’s earnings in 10 years have increased to more than 2.30%, and the stocks in real estate were the major contributor. There’s no change in crude after removing losses on information that shows U.S. stocks dropped lesser than the estimates.

According to the Fed, there are no immediate risks in the economy as of now because it is roughly stable with the near 2% inflation rate goal and the unemployment rate is justified by the number of employment.

Stocks dropped earlier when Apples Inc.’s poor outcomes hindered the quick rise in tech shares which had helped raise major targets to records and dominated economic data which had displayed how the U.S. economy went away from a warm start this year. Reports on Wednesday indicated that the private payrolls have increased faster than expected and the industries that deal with services have grown more than what was estimated.

The following are the moves in the stock market:


  • Nasdaq 100 Index fell 0.3% after closing on Tuesday on the record. Apple fell from its all-time high record but it has recovered its damages in the same session. Meanwhile, Akami Technologies Inc. dropped 15% when its marks disappointed.
  • S&P 500 dropped 0.1% to 2,388.08 at four p.m. New York time, which had contributed to a total loss of 0.5%. As the bond earnings had increased, financial shares escalated the most.
  • Euro Stoxx 600 dropped below 0.1% which is primarily caused by the miners.


  • The value of Yen dropped 0.6% to 112.676 which adds to the extended losing streak in 6 months.
  • Bloomberg Dollar Index has increased .04% and the dollar bill value ascended versus most of its peers.
  • Euro dropped 0.3% or 1.089 dollars.


  • Earnings on the ten-year bonds had increased 2.32% or 4 basis points.
  • Earnings from Europe were headed by Portuguese bonds with a level note scheduled in 10 years dropping ten basis points or 3.45%. Bund earnings remain still at 0.326%


  • Oil remains low in the past six weeks when the U.S inventories dropped less the estimates.
  • The June delivery from West Texas Intermediate increased 16 cents with the price of 47.82 dollars per barrel in the Mercantile Exchange of New York.
  • Futures dropped to 2.4% or 47.66 dollars last Tuesday, the all-time low beginning in the 21 of March.
  • Copped caused the plummet in the metal industry due to the increasing inventories and as the legal triumph in the Philippines ramps up the nickel mining and production. Futures declined 3.5% with 5,600 dollars per 1000 kg in London.
  • Nickel is down to 3%. Gold futures declined 1.3% or 1240.70 per ounce.
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