Facebook released a New Policy that forbids companies to post advertisements that are, in its own words, misleading or deceptive.

But, let us be honest here. Who actually cares about advertisements? How many of us ignore it? Do you click it? Most probably, we are just one of the many who clicks on Skip Ads whenever we see the chance.

That is not always the case, though. Sure, there are some of us who only use Facebook for entertainment. A platform that helps us kills time when we are stuck in traffic or a long queue in a bank. But for some, this is one of the places on the web where they do business.

With the fuss over cryptocurrencies, Facebook wants to live with their advertising principles. They want to make sure that they keep the website safe for all its users. Hence, disallowing products and services in the finance field that publicizes initial coin offerings or also known as ICOs, cryptocurrencies and binary options. Facebook will also reinforce the ban over their other networks such as Instagram and Audience Network.

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites across the web, and it was real and honest when it said that they might not detect all the ads. They encourage the whole community to report ads that fail to comply with their policies.

The crypto industry may still seem ambiguous for a lot of people and what we are still unsure of may be considered unsafe. It is best to steer away from something we don’t completely understand to avoid scam. Facebook doesn’t want any illegal thing to profit through their network. Unlike, Telegram. It even has welcome videos of crypto ads. The app is even booming daily with approximately 50,000 users.

This new policy may invoke complaints from crypto-believers. When that happens, we may also hear from Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen. These two investors are Board of Directors of Facebook. They are both engaged in the crypto business. Will they withdraw their bets on BitCoins or just continue their choice of business as it is?

How many of us have Facebook accounts? Who among us signed up to it just because everyone else is doing it? Let alone forgetting and leaving behind our pre-loved friend, Friendster. The point is, are you going on in for a ride with crypto business now just because most people are into it?

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