The Sangley airport development is backed by some strong names.

Lucio Tan’s Macroasia Corp and state-owned China Communications Construction Co. (CCCC) have entered into a partnership with the provincial government of Cavite to transform Sangley into a world-class international airport.

According to Phil Star, the tandem was the sole bidder for the project upon the deadline of bid submissions.

An official from MacroAsia claimed that the partners for the proposal also include the sister companies of CCCC.

These are China Airport Construction Group Co. Ltd and CCCC Dredging Group Co. Ltd. The former is known for airport designing and construction.

Bidders Include Five Companies

The original deadline for proposal submission was November 25.

The date moved to December 17, upon the request of those who bought the bid documents.

Both MacroAsia Properties Development Corp., the wholly-owned subsidiary of MacroAsia, alongside CCC, earlier bought the P1 million documents for the said project.

Others who also bought the bid documents are the five companies of Metro Pacific Investments Corp., Prime Asset Ventures Inc., Philippine Airport Ground Solutions Inc., Langham Properties Inc., and Mosveldtt Law Offices.

Megawide Construction Corp. also gained access to the bid document, even though it did not directly buy it. Another party purchased It on their behalf.

However, Megawide chairman and CEO Edgar Saavedra claimed that the company would no longer persist with the bidding.

In the form of a text message, the company announced that it would no longer submit a proposal.

The proposal made by MacroAsia and CCCC is now under assessment.

New Sangley Airport Completion By 2028

The Cavite government is working to award the contract by January 2020.

The local government is working towards the completion of the massive Sangley Point International Airport project under the Public-Private Partnership Code.

With this Code, the government no longer has to obtain the approval of the National Economic and Development Authority to implement the said project.

Once completed, the international airport hub of 1,500-hectare will be transformed. It will feature four runways, airside as well as landside facilities.

If successful, the hub will be able to accommodate as many as 130 million passengers yearly. Two phases make up this project. The whole project will probably take nine years from now.

The government targets completion of first phase by 2022.

The expected completion date for the second phase is by 2028.

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