Following United States FBI announcement of opening Hillary Clinton’s case on using unauthorized e-mail server, stocks fell with Mexican peso.

FBI announced the reopening of investigation while looking into former Representative Anthony Weiner’s illicit messages. The new e-mails were reported to be sent to a North Carolina-based 15 year-old girl.

The investigation bureau found pertinent new e-mails to separate probe of Clinton. FBI Director, James Comey, also stated that investigators will review the e-mails and check if classified information can be found in line with appropriate investigative procedures.

U.S. Stocks Fall and Bonds Rise After Clinton Probe
Source: Bloomberg

As U.S. stock fells, bonds rose. This year’s Federal Reserve hike also included traders trimming bets as dollars also slumped.

Mexican peso fell against most major currencies despite making U.S. votes’ market perception proxy. Earlier last Friday, probability of rate increase by December shifted from 74 percent to 70 percent. Greenback slumped from a seven-month high. As an OPEC committee tackled production targets, crude oil prices slipped.

In New York at 4 P.M., S&P fell to 2,126.41, which is 0.3 percent. This decline is the longest since June. Gains are observed when a stronger economy under Clinton was speculated, which may also increase earnings of corporations.

U.S. currency’s performance fell by 0.3 percent against its 10 major counterparts, totaling to 0.2 percent weekly gain. This month, there is 2.2 percent gauge increase.

Bloomberg Bond Trader data reported a fall to 0.86 percent for the most federal policy expectations-sensitive U.S. two-year notes.

On Friday in New York, oil commodities fell by 2.1 percent.

Economic Professors, Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz, stated in Brookings Institute paper that this situation is not the first time. Clinton’s political prospects have caused U.S. stocks to react. During the first presidential debate, S&P 500 rebounded by 0.75 percent. Alternatively, U.S. benchmark gauge, Asian stock markets, and the UK stock market reductions may occur if Donald Trump wins.

Williams Capital Group LP Principal and Head Equity Trader, Stephen Carl, claimed that everything went down as FBI announcement spread. People focus on the election now due to lack of news on stock market movements.

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