Following the U.S. election rally in the stock market, which caused new highs, investors are now cautious on the early start of the new year given the shocks in 2016.

The S&P 500 .SPX, benchmark index, is propped to register around 10 percent increase for 2016 and roughly 12 percent on a cumulative return basis, which covers reinvested dividends. The record is on top of the increase by single digit investors had anticipated, which was recorded by Reuters poll in 2015, with over 50 percent coming after the surprising win of U.S. President-elect Donald J. Trump.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI is set to increase over 13 percent before it entered 2017, with a combined return more than 16 percent.

According to a poll by Reuters earlier in December 2016, investors are projecting mid-single figures this year.

Lipper data showed that stock funds in the United States mirrored the improved optimism of equities as it accumulated $11.8 billion in the week as of December 28, 2016. From the data, it could be seen 2016 experienced an aggressive reversal.

Nonetheless, precautionary hints were seen by investors for 2017, which encompass customary high-priced stocks, Federal Reserve’s plans for three hikes, and market participants adopting a positive sentiment.

Once any of the investors’ expectations becomes unaccomplished, deflation of the lifted market driven by Trump’s policy anticipation may take place. The S&P 500 mobilized over five percent since the U.S. elections, whereas the Dow increased by over eight percent.

Peter Kenny, Global Markets Advisory Group Senior Market Strategist in New York, stated that weakness anytime soon could be expected in 2017, primarily due to the higher stance of the equities. Generally, Kenny stated that there would likely be a reset after the outperformance of the advancers.

In recent years, equities found it difficult to cope with January, with the benchmark, the S&P 500 dropping by at least three percent in every first month for 2014, 2015, and 2016. The onset of 2016 caused the S&P 500 to suffer its worst 10-day decline, swarmed by anxiety on commodities’ disorder, a probably overly aggressive stance of Fed following its interest rate hike, and the deceleration of China.

As soon as the first week of this year, a challenge for the market would likely take place. Market participants may have been keeping their advancers until 2017 with bullishness that the Trump administration would put a lower levy on any profits.

On January 20, Trump will take place while investors would commence evaluating how easily the new government would make its reflationary provision happen. The inflation-driving policies of the new U.S. President have been anticipated since the election commencement, which also caused rally at the end of the year.

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