MANILA, Philippines – D.M. Wenceslao & Associates, Inc. is withdrawing its initial public offering (IPO) plan further, following its resolution of pushing projects’ realization through a resistant path in the midst of business process outsourcing (BPO) sector’s incertitude.

Delfin Angelo C. Wenceslao, D.M. Wenceslao Chief Executive Officer, stated in an interview on November 21 that the management is holding off and observing at this moment. This is relative to BPO issues and all have been informed that the proceeds of D.M. Wenceslao’s IPO are for establishing the sector’s buildings.

According to Wenceslao, vagueness enveloped the BPO sector. Basically, the company waits for the blockage to dissolve.

As early as last year, the company already eyed debuting on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) with an IPO of P12.3 billion. Nonetheless, the firm sanctioned its backslide registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) due to an unfriendly market situation.

D.M. Wenceslao has set aside the offering proceeds for the currently developing 60-hectare Aseana City in Parañaque. For 2016, the company has to allocate as much as P2.5 billion for the first phase of the plan.

The campaign of U.S. President-elect Donald J. Trump on job outsourcing constraints to rising markets, such as the Philippines, boosted the company’s concerns.

Wenceslao stated that 90 percent of the IPO proceeds will be for BPO buildings’ development. According to him, if you converse to most of the concerned firms and individuals, they are presently on the status of waiting and seeing what will happen. Specifically, they look into fresh participants and growth.

The chief executive officer stated that following its disclosure of the project’s course, the management is still finalizing the pipeline. Nonetheless, the firm remains cautious. Prior the entire development, they still have to wait and see.

The projected completion of D.M. Wenceslao’s third office building is within 2017’s first semester. It also plans to develop another tower, which is in the investigative phase, during the same period.

The development program will still be implemented for they were able to get fiscal support as if the IPO will continue. According to D.M. Wenceslao, the management would have utilized the IPO proceeds, which could support from five to seven years. At present, they have a funding for one to three years.

Wenceslao was asked if the IPO undertaking is necessary. He responded that at present, it is not essential. Nonetheless, he welcomed the same inquiry late in 2017. From that time, the company will assess if they have used all their available fiscal support for the projects. Wenceslao added that they would be fine for the next couple of years. Once the issues in the BPO industry are settled, they may reassess if there is a robust BPO industry driver.


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