MANILA, Philippines –Sangley Airport Development Project has so far attracted at least 12 companies to bid for its valuation of P553 million.

The government carried out a pre-bid conference yesterday for Cavite’s Sangley Point Airport project, which was attended by representatives of several companies, namely, MR7 Corp., C.B. Garay,  Holcim, D.M. Wenceslao and Associates, Inc., BSP Construction Company, Emeco and Partner, Tokwing Construction Corp., Grandby Trading and Construction, JD Legaspi Construction, Solar Surveying Corp., San R Mining and Construction Corp., and CAVDEAL.

The first tranche of the project covers the asphalt overlay and rehabilitation of the present runway encompassing 2.4 kilometers. It also includes the development of four hangars with 1,600 square meters (sqm) floor area each, drainage system, ramp, and passenger terminal building with a size of 800 sqm. The terminal building is inclusive of a parking area for vehicles, offices, and other related facilities.

The invitation for bid pre-qualification was given on December 28 via newspapers. The Department of Transportation (DOTr) stated that the documents for bidding will be provided until January 23, 2017, which is also the schedule for the bid opening.

The general aviation services from the current main gateway of the country, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), would be transferred to the project with the purpose of solving air traffic congestion.

The contract’s approved budget is P552.867 million, which is part of the year’s national allocation worth P3.35 trillion. The duration of phase 1 is 270 days.

The consortium of Wilson Tieng and Henry Sy has proposed a project worth $50 billion early last month, which aims to establish an airport and economic zone in the location. According to them, they have provided the government similar offer to use Cavite’s Danilo Atienza Air Base and expedite the decongestion in the current main airport of the country. This would take place while the new airport is being constructed.

Belle Corporation (PSE:BEL) of Sy Family and All-Asia Resources & Reclamation Corporation (ARRC) entered a partnership to redevelop the air base. According to two firms, they have resubmitted the proposal to the administration valued at P1 billion. Their current proposal is a more expedited tender, which was previously comprised in its August 1-provided Philippine Global Gateway project.

However, their proposal would make Sangley Airport a general aviation area for low-cost carriers to initially free up too much concentration at NAIA.

Roberto C. Lim, DOTr Undersecretary for Aviation and Airports, stated that they have not obtained a proposal but a description solely regarding ARRC’s plans on Sangley Airport, which is not considered as unsolicited proposal relative to Build-Operate-Transfer law. According to him, if the consortium is seriously keen, they should really submit other necessary documentation, such as the draft of the concession agreement and feasibility studies.

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