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Globe Joins Pokémon Go Promotion

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MANILA, Philippines – Globe Telecom Inc. partnered with The Pokémon Company and Niantic Inc., an international game developer, to advertise Pokémon Go in the Philippines.

The goal of the partnership is to improve Pokémon Go’s experience for Filipino gamers. Globe and Niantic seek to put PokéStops and Gyms in the Philippines.

The deal is the first non-Japan and international agreement joined by Niantic.

Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business, Daniel James, stated that Filipinos’ digital lifestyle is greatly influenced by the Pokémon Go fever. The mobile game’s growth continues to expand. Through the partnership, both companies aim to enhance Pokémon Go experience for greater enjoyment.

The refresher from the deal is the transformation of Globe charging stations and retail locations to PokéStops and Gyms. To add more locations for enjoyable Pokémon Go playing, Globe will work with Ayala Malls, SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, and Puregold.

Through different mobile offers, you will now have a better access to Pokémon Go. For instance, Pokémon Go is one of the free apps enclosed in the GoSURF50 promo.

Globe Switch app also now includes Pokémon Go as one of the featured free apps.

Apart from improving Pokémon Go experience, Globe also obtained distribution rights to cool gadgets, digital connections, and apparel under Pokémon merchandise.

Pokémon festivals for gamers are also agreed upon by Globe and Niantic, stated by its Chief Executive Officer, John Hanke.

Apart from giving Pokémon Go players better gaming experience, subscribers of the telephone company will also benefit. Expansion of offerings will take place, claimed by Globe Chief Commercial Officer, Albert De Larrazabal.

Larrazabal stated that the group is aiming to create more subscriber offerings, which include gaming. Gaming segment is third biggest following social networks and video. Apparently, it is the sector that attracts many subscribers.

The partnership between Globe and Niantic is anticipated to involve revenue and market share growth.

Data service revenues of Globe rose to P17.8 billion from P12.2 billion last year, which is a 46 percent growth for the first semester.

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