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Phoenix Semiconductor Announces Higher Shipments

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MANILA, Philippines – Phoenix Semiconductor Philippines Corp. (PSE:PSPC) discloses that its memory devices shipments during the third quarter have totaled to 160 million units, exceeding its forecast.

For the third quarter, the shipments were valued at US$452 million, which is exclusively for its customer Samsung Electronics in South Korea. The record is higher from its second quarter record of US$279 million, a climb by 62 percent.

The electronics company has produced and delivered 57 million of its 4- and 8-gigabyte (GB) dynamic random access modules (DRAM) and flip-chip memory chips. In the third quarter, the company focused on shifting to next-generation DDR4 technology. Nonetheless, its assembly of DDR3 DRAM devices resumed with 88 million units. During the same period, production of 15 million branded memory cards also took place.

Byeongchun Lee, PSPC President, stated that the management is aiming to increase DDR4 memory chips production in the upcoming last quarter of 2016. This will be done in line with the accomplishment of DDR3 technology deliveries, which are intended for Samsung’s final customers.

Lee also added that assemblers of branded desktops and notebooks still produce older motherboard versions to utilize its existing raw materials. The branded computing device manufacturers were restricted by weak global economy. Consequently, production of new models of desktops and notebooks comprising next-gen memory technology is decelerated.

In the fourth quarter of the year, the company predicted that it will deliver 210 million units of memory devices. This is an increase by 31 percent from its third quarter record. Moreover, DDR4 chips manufacturing is expected to jump by 62 percent from 57 million units to 78 million units.

The higher production levels of semiconductors and memory chips were muffled by the soft economies of European countries and China, said Lee. He also stated that consumer international demand for electronics and computing devices seemed to be on the vigilant side. Moreover, the U.S. election influenced the economy and financial markets’ volatility.

As of 2:27pm of November 10, 2016, PSPC is trading at 1.44-apiece, 0.69 percent down from yesterday’s closing.

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