ALI Fights Global Warming Through Carbon Neautrality

Manila, Philippines – Ayala Land Inc (ALI) takes responsibility for its developments through carbon neutrality.

The Sustainability Manager of ALI, Anna Gonzales, revealed that the sites they have chosen are adjoined or within the company’s present developments. These sites include two from Luzon which are Lio in Palawan and Alaminos in Laguna; two in the Visayas and those are Irag in Cebu and Sicogon in Iloilo; lastly, one in Talomo Davao.

These carbon forests will undergo the assisted natural generation approach or also known as ANR approach.

Basically, through ANR, the site will nurture on its own. The approach protects forest through taking care of the wildings that naturally grow on that specific site and through intensified planting. The ability to tend to nature will reflect on humans, too. This method originated in Bohol but is now used by ASEAN regions.

Property development has its pros and cons. ALI wants to be responsible for their business. Hence, carbon neutrality. They believe that with this approach they can lessen their emissions by at least 50 percent that will eventually grow to 100 percent by 2022.

Aside from forest generation, ALI also aims to impose carbon neutrality through a passive cooling technique which controls heat gain and dissipation inside the developments to enhance the thermal comfort indoors with no or at least low energy consumption. Other than that, ALI plans to implement energy resourcing and efficiency.

They even partnered with Center for Conservation Innovations, Inc to learn how to regulate carbon stocks in their carbon forests. This system also maximizes the potential of carbon storage in sites.

Ayala Land Premier, BellaVita, Avida, Alveo, and Amaia are ALI’s residential labels that cater housing market. They have 55 growth areas and 25 estates nationwide. With a business this broad, it is just right that they do something their sites.

If all companies, like ALI, will be corporate and socially responsible, our nature would not have to suffer even more with all these infrastructures and industrial expansions. Businesses should not only take care of its workplace and marketplace. There should be programs like this for the community and our environment as well.

Global warming is serious and we should be more mindful of our actions towards our nature. We will only nurture if we can foster our surroundings properly. If we don’t do this now, who will?

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