Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. (Chelsea), owned by renowned businessman Dennis Uy, is in a continuous expansion mode.

Trans-Asia Shipping Line, its subsidiary, now has a new ferry.

The company just purchased a new passenger ferry from Japan, expanding the company’s fleet of vessels, as reported by Phil Star.

The new passenger ferry is an M/V Trans-Asia 20, one of the newest Ro-Ro type passenger ferries in the market today.

Specifically, this is an addition to the roster of vessels that Trans-Asia Shipping Lines, has.

M/V Trans-Asia 20 is Trans-Asia’s 9th RoPax

What makes this vessel an interesting one is that Japan built and uniquely designed it for Philippine waters.

Soon, it will be traversing and serving the Cebu-Cagayan de Oro-Cebu route.

Chelsea President and CEO, Chryss Alfonsus Damuy, has a few choice words to say about the new addition.

According to him, the M/V Trans-Asia is already Trans-Asia’s 9th RoPax. With its addition, the company’s fleet size has now increased to a total of 16.

This means that the company’s capacity is also going to be much more efficient in serving 11 ports across the nation – in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Damuy added that the company hopes that its stakeholders can recognize its efforts and commitment to persistently modernize its fleet.

The new vessel can do or carry a lot.

New Fleet’s Capacity

With a gross tonnage of 5,100 metric tons, the Japan-made vessel can handle a total of 690 passengers. Apart from that number, it can also carry around 22 buses and six trucks.

Once it is ready to set sail, passengers can choose from various accommodation choices.

There are non-aircon to air-conditioned ferry reclining seats, as well as tourists, cabin, and private rooms.

The purchase is not the first in 2019. Instead, this is already the company’s second brand-new vessel for the year.

Trans-Asia also received a new vessel, named M/V Trans-Asia 19 back in February.

It started trading and traversing on Feb. 18 on the Cebu-Tagbilaran-Cagayan De Oro-Tagbilaran-Cebu route.

Trans-Asia President, Arthur Kenneth Sy is also pleased about the new fleet.

Sy said that the company is proud and excited for its customers to experience what MV Trans-Asia can offer.

He also believes that this new fleet can elevate the standard of sea travel in the country.

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