MANILA, Philippines – The Century Pacific Group reported that Chris Po would be resigning from his position as CEO, president, and chairman of the company.

 Just a few days ago, the Century Group stated that Chris was stepping down from his position. Hence, he will now be taking the role of an executive chairman. Teodoro, his second eldest brother, will take over as president and CEO.

Several people from the business industry were asking what happened. Po Sr. explained that the occurrence all happened to be just relative to the expansion plans of the company.

Ricardo Po Sr. said to a news company that they want to expand the company outside the business of canned goods. They are currently looking for further opportunities, and this is where Chris Po will be focusing. However, these ventures will still be related to the food industry.

He added that they are looking to start new companies or invest in existing ones.

Po Sr. said with pride that the economy of the Philippines is growing; average income is increasing, and numerous people are now buying the company’s products.

Leo, the youngest of the Po brothers, mentioned that they would authorize workers to handle more duties for the daily operations, and for this reason, Chris will be able to focus on growth planning.

It is indeed the time of excitement for Century Pacific Food. The Po brothers were trained well by their father, Ricardo Po Sr., who taught them the importance of great effort.

The sons of Ricardo Po Sr. of Century Pacific Food Incorporated (CNPF), the Po brothers, are intelligent people. They graduated from international universities either as a Magna Cum Laude or a Summa Cum Laude.

Aside from being brilliant individuals, the four of them are also good-looking. Since the first three of the brothers are only two years apart, at most, you can’t distinguish quickly, at first look at least, who the eldest of the brothers is.

Ricardo Gabriel is the eldest of the brothers. Following him is Teodoro Alexander. Second to the youngest is Christopher, and the youngest of the brothers is Leonardo Arthur.

They are the four bright and handsome sons of the Chinese Entrepreneur Ricardo Po Sr., whom, based on Forbes Magazine, is one of the Philippines’ top 50 wealthy men. The Po family owns the Century Pacific Group –  the largest company in the country that manufactures canned tuna.

According to a source, when she saw the Po brothers the first time, she thought that Chris Po might have been the eldest. This is not for the reason that he appears to be old looking, but because Chris gives off a very serious impression and business-like appearance while, on the contrary, the other brothers were filled with humor.

Chris Po was still Century Pacific’s chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and president at that time.

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