DNL Industries, the specialty foods ingredients, plastics, and oleochemicals firm, already has in its hands the solution to the looming ban on single-use plastic in a form of a new product.

The company’s newest product, biodegradable plastics, will be a breakthrough if successfully launched.

According to the president and CEO, Alvin Lao, the company is beyond positive about this.

He believes on the potential of the so-called biodegradable plastics in a world that is increasingly concerned with sustainability and other environmental issues.

As reported byΒ Phil Star, the company is not going to stop here.

DNL Industries Will Innovate More

Lao claimed that the company has always been innovative and proactive. It invests heavily in its R&D as part of its strategy to always be ahead of others in the industry.

Therefore, apart from biodegradable plastics, other product developments are underway, all designed to provide the company with an edge.

The manufacturing the biodegradable plastics by the company is done through its subsidiaries DNL Polymers & Colors as well as First In Colours, Inc.

The company can be considered an industry leader with regard to biodegradable plastics

After all, it is the only company in the country that manufactures such plastics, as well as internationally-certified additives.

Given this, DNL has the capacity to serve the local plastic industry as well as an expert market should it decide to do that.

Ban on Single-Use Plastics an Opportunity to Innovate

If the company makes a switch to more sustainable and biodegradable packing materials, it can further expand. It will be able to cater both the export and local markets effectively.

According to DLPC and FIC managing director, contrary to the opinion of worried businesses, the looming ban on single-use plastics can have both challenges and benefits to everyone belonging to this industry.

On the one hand, it is understandable that manufacturers of single-use plastics will feel the intense pressure in an environment that threatens the stability and security of their business.

On the other hand, Lao thinks their company can view it as a greater opportunity to increase its relevance to customers.

It only has to provide innovative and higher value-added products that will not go against the looming ban.

Lao, however, is not optimistic that a complete ban of single-use plastics is even possible.

There are specific sectors that cannot do away with single-use plastics.

Notable examples include the medical and personal care fields.

Single-use plastics are crucial for safety and sanitary functions.

A complete ban is not practical nor feasible.

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