MANILA, Philippines – GMA Network, Inc. (GMA), one of the Philippines’ biggest media networks, discloses that it will allocate P416 million on Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) project’s transmitter facilities.

The aforementioned amount is just the initial spending, which will encompass requirements for connectivity, high-powered transmitters, and antenna among others. The compensation will also cover the fully-mirrored head-end system, which is a principal area for programs related to grouping and digital encoding.

The Japanese DTV standard of ISDB-T will be adapted by GMA, conforming to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) rules and regulations.

Felipe L. Gozon, GMA Chairman, stated that relative to growing prepared homes for ISDB-T in the country, the company is now ready to finish the testing stage. GMA is set to commence the DTT rollout in Mega Manila. The media network is copying the consistency and pioneering level that has been apparent in its analog signal utilization to its digital shift.

Gilberto R. Duavit Jr., GMA President and Chief Operating Officer, stated that all requirements for the technical back-end in carrying out the DTT project are set. All broadcast automation systems and media asset management are also prepared. It will not take long prior the launching of DTT product.

GMA New Media, Inc. (NMI), which is the firm’s technology firm, launched the DTT product’s prototype at the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) Digiconn. The product is anticipated to serve as a digital media set-top box and digital television receiver.

Moreover, the new item could render analog TV-supported digital broadcast services while converting the unit into a smart TV. As a result, the television would be able to run various applications and on-demand content. A Certificate of Registration has been granted by the Intellectual Property Office for the device’s Utility Model utilization.

The DTT product is expected to surpass its competitor’s offer to the market, claimed by Gozon.

Last month, the company reported its first nine-month fiscal results with net income climb by 72 percent, ending at P3.111 billion. This is a big jump from last year’s record of P1.804 billion. Alternatively, GMA’s consolidated revenues increased from P10.313 billion to P12.803 billion due to increased advertising requirements for national and local elections. Recurring placements’ sales also soared during the period.

Included in its disclosure is its third quarter performance marked by its higher net income at P733.029 million compared to 2015’s P705.804 million booking. Net revenues advanced from P3.659 million to P4.042 billion, whereas expenses for general and administrative activities increased from P1.164 billion to P1.350 billion.


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