NOW Telecom Co. Inc., currently vying to become the country’s potential fourth major telecommunications player, just made a strategic move to make that happen.

The company is looking to make 5G offerings a reality soon by partnering with Aboitiz Group.

NOW, together with affiliate and listed firm NOW Corp., already signed a memorandum of understanding with Aboitiz InfraCapital Inc. as well as Frontier Tower Associates Management Pte.

This is to primarily support the government’s common tower objectives.

Under the contract, the parties agreed to talk about and decide on the lease of build-to-suit sites, towers, as well as passive telecommunication infrastructure and relevant facilities.

When these are installed, telecommunication and Internet services can be provided or improved.

NOW Telecom, Aboitiz Will Collaborate More

The parties’ collaboration will not end here.

Plans to utilize the present assets of the Aboitiz Group to expand the reach and services of NOW Telecom further are underway.

Now Telecom’s President, Rodolfo Pantoja, is enthusiastic.

He said that the company is more than willing to support the government’s initiative to support tower sharing.

Pantoja claimed that partnerships, such as this, could only make network rollouts faster and deployment less expensive since the costs are shared.

The partnership with Aboitiz Group started by giving broadband connectivity to the Union Bank of the Philippines. Now Telecom cannot wait to engage in more communities. Even with Frontier Tower.

Aboitiz, Frontier Partnership Tried and Tested

Aboitiz InfraCapital and Frontier Tower have already worked on previous occasions.

For several projects, they were able to develop, construct, operate, and maintain a robust, common tower network in the Philippines

The two have been hard at work in the past consistently to give passive wireless communications infrastructure that will benefit wireless companies. Even internet service providers, like Now, benefit from their efforts.

The tandem worked well in the past. It was able to secure different tower deals with known telecommunication companies — Globe and Smart.

Moreover, Aboitiz and Frontier are now looking to enter into a new contract with Dito Telecommunity.

For now, the two said that they are happy to be in a partnership with Now Telecom.

In addition, the partnership will bring Aboitiz and Frontier one step closer to its goal of improving the Philippines’ connectivity.

Tower sharing is the key. Both want to be able to provide that.

According to Aboitiz’s InfraCapital COO, Cosette Canilao, the partnership with NOW is in line with the company’s goals. There is a commitment to digitalize businesses and communities through proper infrastructure solutions.

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