Semirara Opens 930 Positions

MANILA, Philippines – Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (PSE:SCC) reveals it has to fill around 930 positions to bore on the rehabilitation of its Panian pit. Apart from the restructuring project, the jobs will be allocated for Molave and Narra mines’ commercial operations.

The integrated energy company requires additional workforce for civil works, safety, mechanical, maintenance, and geodetic activities for its expanded operations. These jobs will function alongside truck and shovel operations.

Victor A. Consunji, SMPC President and Chief Operating Officer, stated that the management will assign antecedence to the qualified applicants from the host community. Consunji added that they could help if the residents require additional training to work.

Relatively, Semirara Training Center, Inc. (STCI) was established by Semirara in 2006 for the host community residents and workers who need further marketable skills development.

STCI is also accredited by TESDA in offering technical and vocational courses. The certificate programs include metal wielding, automotive servicing, and industrial electricity among others.

Students of STCI have the benefit of free training and allowance for meals throughout their programs. Apprenticeship opportunity and job offers are often given to commendable students based on Semirara’s requirements.

Consunji stated that SMPC is the only largest absorber of employees in the area for a bigger percentage of their workforce comes from Caluya and Semirara. Last year solely, the costs for direct and indirect labor in the mining site totaled to more than P1 billion.

Free housing, allowance for electricity and water, transportation to and from work, and support for the primary and secondary education of workers’ dependents are provided by the management.

The nine-month fiscal health of SMPC shows steady growth at 54 percent increase in its consolidated net income. The past three quarters of the year brought P9.55 billion to the company, which is higher than last year registration of P6.21 billion.

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation was incorporated on February 26, 1980. The primary purpose of the company is to explore, mine, and develop resources of coal in Caluya, Antique. The coal operating contract of the company with the Department of Energy was finalized in 1977. The agreement was then amended in 1981, comprising the rights of Semirara to explore, develop, mine, and utilize coal in Semirara Island.

Semirara Island has roughly 170 million metric tons of coal reserves. Through the sub-bituminous coal production and sell off, SMPC generates its revenues.

As of last year, the company has seven wholly-owned arms, which include SEM-Calaca Power Corporation, Semirara Claystone Inc., and St. Raphael Power Generation Corporation.

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