Xurpas Expects Accelerated Growth in 2017

MANILA, Philippines – Xurpas,  a tech company which made its IPO at the latter part of 2014, remains optimistic on its growth this year. The company stays as one of the country’s biggest independent providers of mobile consumer content in terms of revenue. A disclosure made by the company reiterates their contribution to the tech industry in the Philippines.

This tech company began with three founders. They were Nix Nolledo, Fernando Jude Garcia, and Raymond Gerard Racaza. It already operated for 13 years before they were listed publicly. It started with humble beginnings. Soon after they started, a greater number of Filipinos began using more often cellular phones. In addition to that, the improvement of penetration of the internet was consequential. That was when Xurpas has made its niche market. It started to create mobile content and provide services to the public. It catered to corporate clients as well such as to the leading telecommunication companies in the country.

Xurpas was a company focused mainly on products. They were known primarily because of its casual games. Since then, the company evolved into a more diversified company. The games business does still exist and remains profitable. But just recently, few more titles were launched including Kitty Swipe and Voltes V. These make it evident how the company grows through diversification by acquisitions in the view of becoming a company focused on platforms.

The most recent acquisition of this leading tech company was the Art of Click Pte. Ltd. which is a company based in Singapore. This is yet another stance of Xurpas that shows it is moving to become a platform-focused company. The aforementioned acquisition transpired on October 6, 2016. Art of Click serves clients across different parts of the globe including parts of United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Its main business is doing mobile advertising.

A disclosure stated that the company continues to see strong and continuous growth. The company believes that the releasing of additional titles in the recent months will drive growth.  It emphasized as well that acquisitions made have resulted to a rise in the company’s income. The comparison was made between the fourth and third quarter of last year.

As a result of these facts, the company is optimistic of an accelerated growth rate in the current year. This is because assets are already laid out for their visions to prosper.

Xurpas closed at P7.71 per share on February 9, 2017.

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