$FOOD Trade Dissection: 40% Profit in 2 Rounds

We traded Alliance Select Foods Int'l, Inc. (FOOD) twice resulting to an approximate profit of 40%. Read this trade dissection to learn how we did it.

Why I Disagree with Bank of America’s Bearish Sentiment Towards Emerging Markets (particularly the Philippines)

David Woo, Bank of America strategist, is bearish towards emerging markets. He wouldn't want to touch EMs with a 10-foot pole. I disagree. Here's why.

PLC: Hold Till 0.94 or Sell at 0.84?

Premium Leisure Corp. (PLC) went up by 9.33% on December 10, 2018. If you have PLC, should you hold and wait till it hits 0.94 or sell at 0.84?

$TECH Trade Dissection: How We Earned Up to 20% in the 1st Round and Up to 15% in the 2nd Round

When to sell if your winning stock? Sell when it hits the major resistance. Sell when it hits your trailing stop loss. There are many ways depending on your strategy. I added Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation (TECH) in our Short-term Trading watchlist (stock recommendations...

$NOW Trade Dissection: How We Lose 20% in Round 1 and Earned 50% in Round 2

Yesterday, I showed you how we earned approximately 25 percent on ISM. Today, I’ll show you how we lose roughly 20 percent on the first round and how we earned nearly 50 percent on the second round trading Now Corporation (NOW). Just when you thought that I would only want...

PXP, STI, PLC, ABA, BEL: Know Their Top 10 Players’ Buying and Selling Averages

There are five charts that I use whenever I trade and assist our subscribers of EquiPicks. One of those charts if the Top 10 Players chart. Why did I create this chart? For the subscribers of EquiPicks, there’s a documentation for each of the charts that we use in our Quick...

How We Profited Up to 25% Trading ISM Communications Corporation

We started trading ISM Communications Corporation (ISM) last November 9, 2018. Since its intraday low of 5.81 on November 9, the highest intraday high it registered on the days that came after November 9 was 8.62. I tell my clients that my usual risk tolerance percentage when I...

US Stock Exchanges Were Down by Over 3% Yesterday. What You Should Do Today?

DJIA is down by 3.10%, S&P500 by 3.24%, NASDAQ by 3.80%, and NYSE by 2.83% as of market closing on December 4, 2018. What drove this rally? – unsettled trade-war between the US and China – Thirty-year bonds lead rally in Treasuries after inversion – news...

DMC, VITA, SCC, NOW, BCOR, GTCAP, LTG, SBS, GREEN, ECP: Prices You Need to Watch

I do not trade or make investment decisions without my Price-Volume Distribution calculator. As a matter-of-factly, this is one of my favorite proprietary tools that I use to help our clients. If you have noticed the screenshots of our Short-term Trading and Long-term Investing...

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