Filinvest Land Inc. (FLI) Analysis – January 27, 2017

Filinvest Land Inc. (PSE:FLI) is trying to establish a new uptrend. Its 15-day EMA and 20-day SMA are acting as the stock’s support. Its 50-day SMA, however, is still acting as the resistance.

The resistance is estimated at 1.68. If that is broken, the next resistance would be at 1.73. The support is estimated at 1.62.

The registered volume is also good. The volume spiked when it went higher early January. On the other hand, the volume is thinning during the consolidation.

Filinvest Land Inc (FLI) - Chart - January 27, 2017


As of January 27, 2017, at 03:30PM, the volume is 274.69% of the previous trading day.

FLI - Filinvest Land Inc - Volume - January 27, 2017

Online Foreign Brokers

From January 3, 2017 to January 27, 2017, 8 out of 11 active online foreign brokers traded FLI.
Online foreign brokers’ Buy Average: PHP1.63
Online foreign brokers’ Sell Average: PHP1.63
Number of net buyers among the participating online foreign brokers: 2 out of 8
CLSA bought the biggest number of shares among online foreign brokers amounting to PHP86,871,580.00.
CLSA sold the biggest number of shares among online foreign brokers amounting to PHP83,782,940.00.

FLI - Filinvest Land Inc - Online Foreign Brokers' Transactions - January 27, 2017

Top 10 Players’ Sentiment

Participants with a 100% Buying and Selling Activity from Jan-03-2017 to Jan-27-2017 at 03:30PM:

13 out of 77 participants or 16.88% of all participants registered a 100% BUYING activity
10 out of 77 participants or 12.99% of all participants registered a 100% SELLING activity
Top 10 Players’ Buying Average: 1.8116
Top 10 Players’ Selling Average: 1.6442

FLI - Filinvest Land Inc - Top 10 Players' Sentiment - January 27, 2017

Foreign Fund Flow

On a 30-day trading period, FLI is on a Net Foreign Selling worth PHP153,324,741.00.

FLI - Filinvest Land Inc - Foreign Fund Flow - January 27, 2017

Risk Level

FLI is a low-risk stock based on our proprietary risk level indicator. Please don’t take this as an absolute indicator of a stock’s risk level. We advise that you calculate your personal reward-to-risk ratio.

FLI - Filinvest Land Inc - Risk Level - January 27, 2017

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