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Global Ferronickel Holdings (PSE: a FNI) looks bullish on the monthly, toppish on the weekly, and correcting on the weekly.

Current levels could be a good entry if you think FNI would move higher. Its 15-day EMA is about to cross the 20-day SMA.

Candles are also sitting above the SMA’s which may be acting as support. We would want FNI to stay above those lines. The stock is sitting a little bit below the 23.6 Fibonacci retracement line from its recent move. You may try catching the stock at the 38.2 line which is approximately P3.16.

Your stop-loss would be around 3.10 because the stock would then make a lower low in the shorter term time frame.  A break above this consolidation pattern could bring P3.44 as a possible target selling price.

Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc (FNI) - Chart - January 13, 2017


As of January 12, 2017, at 03:30PM, volume is 38.45% of the previous trading day.

FNI - Global Ferronickel Holdings - Volume - January 12, 2017

Online Foreign Brokers

From January 3, 2017 to January 13, 2017, 4 out of 11 active online foreign brokers traded FNI.
Online foreign brokers’ Buy Average: PHP3.24
Online foreign brokers’ Sell Average: PHP3.28
Number of net buyers among the participating online foreign brokers: 3 out of 4
ATR bought the biggest number of shares among online foreign brokers amounting to PHP81,050,600.00.
ATR sold the biggest number of shares among online foreign brokers amounting to PHP61,096,950.00.

FNI - Global Ferronickel Holdings - Online Foreign Brokers' Transactions - January 13, 2017

Top 10 Players’ Sentiment

Participants with a 100% Buying and Selling Activity from Jan-03-2017 to Jan-13-2017 at 03:30PM:

10 out of 76 participants or 13.16% of all participants registered a 100% BUYING activity
20 out of 76 participants or 26.32% of all participants registered a 100% SELLING activity
Top 10 Players’ Buying Average: 3.2047
Top 10 Players’ Selling Average: 3.2153

FNI - Global Ferronickel Holdings - Top 10 Players' Sentiment - January 12, 2017

Foreign Fund Flow

On a 30-day trading period, FNI is on a Net Foreign Selling worth PHP47,002,650.00.

FNI - Global Ferronickel Holdings - Foreign Fund Flow - January 12, 2017


FNI is a moderate-risk stock based on our proprietary risk level indicator.

FNI - Global Ferronickel Holdings - Risk Level - January 12, 2017

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