Vitarich Corporation: Sell Between 1.98 and 2.37 or Use a Trailing Stop Loss Instead?

Vitarich Corporation (VITA) found its psychological bottom between 1.35 and 1.40. It successfully broke the resistance at 1.57 last week. Now, it’s 10 ticks away from the new resistance at 1.98. VITA has returned to its bullish state on a short-term time period when the...

PSEi: Where It Was, Where Is It Going, and What You Should Do Now?

Where is the Philippine Stock Exchange Index now? What you should have done when it was at the 6,800 level? What you should continue doing now? The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) has already crossed above the resistance at 7502. It’s faring at 7529.77 as of the time...

BCOR: Is Today’s Volume Big Enough to Break the Resistance at 2.91?

Berjaya Philippines Inc. (BCOR) broke the resistance at 2.03 today with a significant volume that’s higher than its 30-day volume average. If you are also using my MACD-10SMA combination, you would have considered entering a new position on BCOR last November 13, 2018. That...

SCC: Will Yesterday’s 25.12 VWAP Boost Traders’ Confidence to Break 26.60 Today?

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SCC) closed with a VWAP of 26.12 yesterday, which is higher than its closing price of 26.05. Will this push SCC to breakout above 26.60 before the end of this week? Read this analysis.

Prices You Need to Monitor Tomorrow for ABA, AEV, APX, CLC, ISM, MAC, PXP, and SSI

Here are the prices that you need to monitor tomorrow, especially in the first 30 minutes of trading, for ABA, AEV, APX, CLC, ISM, MAC, PXP, and SSI.

Be Ahead of Most Traders: Master Buyers’ Psychology

If you have a good understanding of the buyers’ psychology, you’ll become more strategic, quick decision-maker, and more profitable than most stock traders and investors. Read this article to know why.

Are We in Good Hands if We Trade MBT?

So what made Metropolitan Bank & Trust (MBT) jump from 64.80 to 69.80 per share? I overheard that MSCI Philippines has increased the weight of MBT by 1.97 percent. Do you know what MSCI is and its effect in the Philippine stock market? I wrote some technical articles about...

My Analysis and Recommendation for Those Who Got Burned on CHP

Did you buy Cemex Holdings Philippines, Inc. (CHP) because it was recommended by Bro. Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club? Read the latest analysis and recommendation of Jaycee De Guzman, our founder and CEO.

ISM: Worthy of the Risk to Enter a New Position or Not?

ISM Communications Corporation jumped by over 295% from its low of 2.30 per share last October to its closing price of 6.80 last Friday. Is it worthy of the risk to enter a new position or you're better off not chasing it?

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