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MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Stock Exchange Index moved above the 7,300 level today. The main index closed at 7,304.45, up by 21.77 points or 0.30 percent.

The rally was across-the-board as all sectors closed higher than yesterday. The best performer for the day is the Mining and Oil sector. Oil stocks rallied as OV closed higher by 7.14 percent. TAPET also closed higher by 4.55 percent. PERC is also up 0.72 percent. Nickel miners were down for the day as NIKL closed at 6.80, down by 1.88 percent and MARC at 1.82, down by 1.62 percent. FNI remained unchanged at 2.42. Gold miners were mixed as PX closed at 9.38, up 0.21 percent, and AT up 4.00 percent. APX, however, was down by 4.86 percent, MAB by 8.33 percent, and BCB by 9.78 percent.

The second-best performer is the Property sector. ALI closed at 37.60, up by 3.44 percent. SLI is also up by 0.98 percent to close at 1.03. HOUSE closed at 6.66, up by 0.15 percent. RLT, however, is now sitting at the support at 0.60, down by 6.25 percent. ALCO also closed lower after what seems to be a dead cat bounce yesterday. ALCO closed at 1.18, down 4.07 percent. SMPH was also weak, closing lower by 0.67 percent at 29.80. MEG is down by 1.88 percent, at 3.65. BEL closed at 3.51, down by 1.96 percent.

The most active stocks for the day include PGOLD as news of it replacing EMP in the PSEi come March came out at around 1pm. PGOLD had a turnover value of P1.02 billion. ALI followed with P613 million and MPI with P397.8 million.

Significant gainers include AT, up by 4.00 percent, CHP by 3.92 percent, BSC by 3.70 percent, and PGOLD by 3.60 percent.

The significant losers include IMP, as the declassification of IMP A and IMP B materialized today. IMP closed at 5.08, down by 56.28 percent. PA is also down by 6.35 percent, RLT by 6.25 percent, and APX by 4.86 percent.

There were 88 advancers, 101 decliners while 52 names remain unchanged.

Market turnover for the day totaled P7.25 billion. Foreigners bought P3.15 billion worth of Philippine equities and sold P4.15 billion resulting to a Net Foreign Selling of P1.00 billion. The majority of the foreign selling was in the service sector where they sold P776 million worth of stocks.

On a 30-day trading period, PSEi is on a Net Foreign Selling worth PHP7,337,320,402.95.

PSEi - Philippine Stock Exchange Index - Foreign Fund Flow - February 22, 2017

To interpret the chart below, please note that the farther the stock from the center of the circle, the bigger is the Net Foreign Buying. The closer the stock to the center of the circle, the bigger is the Net Foreign Selling. These 50 stocks in this chart are the 50 stocks with the biggest total turnover value.

PSEi - Philippine Stock Exchange Index - Top 50 Stocks Foreign Fund Flow - February 22, 2017

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