SCC: Will Yesterday's 25.12 VWAP Boost Traders' Confidence to Break 26.60 Today?

Semirara Mining and Power Corporation (SCC) retreated below 26.60 after hitting an intraday high of 26.90 yesterday. This increases the chance of re-testing the previous support at 24.50.

The longer-term SMAs are still above the shorter-term SMAs. That’s not the kind of SMA formation you would want to see if you have this stock. Breaking out above a resistance could change that formation by giving the 10SMA an extra push to cross above the 20SMA.

While the Fast Stochastic is already moving above the Slow Stochastic, the MACD below the signal line does not give the confidence to go bullish on SCC, at least, based on the data I’ve seen yesterday as of the end of trading.

Volume Analysis

As of November 27, 2018, at 03:30PM, the volume of SCC is 108.23% of the previous trading day.

This stock’s latest volume is still below its 30-day volume average.

Remember the correlation between price and volume.

bullish price + volume above the 30-day volume average = bullish
bullish price + volume below the 30-day volume average = neutral
bearish price + volume above the 30-day volume average = bearish
bearish price + volume below the 30-day volume average = bearish

Risk Level

SCC has a MODERATE RISK level due to its risk percentage of 58.62%.

Foreign Fund Flow

SCC registered a Net Foreign Selling worth P378,370.00 as of November 27, 2018.

On a 30-day trading period, SCC is on a Net Foreign Buying worth PHP126,118,750.00.

Price-Volume Distribution – November 27, 2018

VWAP: 26.1226
Top 5 Prices (Biggest Trades): 26.1, 26.05, 26.15, 26.2, 26
Top 5 Prices (Biggest Volume): 26.1, 26.15, 26.05, 26, 26.5

Top 10 Players EOD – November 27, 2018

Trading participants of SCC with a 100% Buying and Selling Activity as of Nov-27-2018 at 03:30PM:
15 out of 33 participants or 45.45% of all participants registered a 100% BUYING activity
8 out of 33 participants or 24.24% of all participants registered a 100% SELLING activity
Top 10 Players’ Buying Average: 26.1234
Top 10 Players’ Selling Average: 26.1288
The psychological average price of the top 10 players as of Nov-27-2018 at 03:30PM is from 26.1234 to 26.1288.


I recommend that you wait for clear buy signals before you enter a new position on SCC. If you already have this stock in your portfolio, I advise that you stick with your trailing stop loss. If you have identified your trailing stop loss, you already know the answer where to sell with gains or where to cut your losses.

If you’re one of our subscribers at Equilyst Analytics, please read Newsletter Vol 1 No 13. I have explained in Filipino (Tagalog) the significance of a trailing stop loss and how to set it up.

Furthermore, I suggest that post a request for the updated Price-Volume Distribution and Top 10 Players charts of SCC in our Private Clients Forum if you’re one of our subscribers so I can tell you the volume weighted average price, top 5 prices with the biggest volume, top 5 prices with the highest number of trades, top 10 players’ buying average, top 10 players’ selling average, and more. Please read our Quick Start Guide so you’ll understand why I like checking these indicators or charts whenever I trade. I have clearly explained these indicators in our guide.


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