8 Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2017

The commencement of 2017 means new opportunities, which include diversifying your investment portfolio by entering a venture that, you may never know, could bring higher profits. You could start small, given there are various options presenting themselves. Here are business choices that are feasible even in the Philippines.

Virtual Assistance

In the United States, virtual assistants take 37 percent of the nation’s labor force. By 2020, it is expected that over 63 percent of the American workforces would employ virtual assistants.  If you have the right management and organizational skills, numerous firms in varying industries could hire you.


Do you know that 29 percent of Filipinos spend their time shopping online? Top selling items through online shops are books, fashion apparel, music CDs, and videos among others. If you want to enter the business, you could simply invest in a high-quality, user-friendly, and intuitive website. To start conveniently, you may trust Shopify to build your online store and begin selling goods.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of services required by website owners looking to optimize their web portal and its content. If you are familiar with web development, effective keyword research, and link building, you could offer your services to increase rankings of other websites.

Content Marketing Services

A person spends five hours online on the average, and 23 percent of the time (one hour and 15 minutes) is dedicated to reading blogs. If you have blogging and writing skills, you may consider the opportunity to earn money even from home.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks cover two billion of the internet surfers. Filipinos are also well-known for spending much time on social media. By having the experience and skills in managing social media campaigns, interested clients will pay you.

English Instruction

Filipino English instructors are highly demanded. If you want to become an instructor in the same field, you can pass certain sources (TESOL, TOEFL, and TESL) to build up your portfolio. You may also set up your own firm of English instructors. You can find potential clients in South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Translation Jobs

If you have obtained at least Level 7 foreign language proficiency, you can guarantee high-quality translation jobs for French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.

Real Estate Investment

You can be a licensed realtor, specifically now that the Philippines is offering more areas for infrastructure developments. Apart from becoming a realtor, the business opportunity also allows you to serve as a mortgage agent or property evaluator.

You may use the services of iPresence Business Solutions, a Philippine-based company, if you need the following:

  • virtual assistant
  • help to set up your e-commerce website
  • SEO services
  • content marketing services
  • social media marketing

With the Philippines foreseeing a steady growth this year, you may as well take advantage of it to establish a better self-employment profile.

About the Author
The Stock Signals Philippines is the online news media arm of Equilyst Analytics. Inc., an SEC-registered stock market consultancy firm in the Philippines that guides Filipinos on long-term investing and short-term trading and offers mentoring services.

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