How are you? How’s your stock portfolio?

Do you know how to maximize your gains on your bullish stocks?
Do you know how to control your losses on your bearish stocks?

My team and I have been waiting for you to ask these questions in our Private Clients Forum. Please log in to your account and click the Private Clients Forum link on your account’s dashboard.

I know we’re all busy but as much as possible, I encourage you to drop by in our forum to ask. Get our insights.

I’ve created the Your Portfolio section in our Private Clients Forum so you can create your thread, own it, and post there each time you have a question about the stocks in your portfolio. The thread that you will create will be yours only all throughout the duration of your membership with us.

I don’t want you to rely on stock tippers because that’s not how trading and investing should be done. What are you going to do when your stock tipper is gone? I don’t want you to keep hopping from one tipper to another because that won’t help you solidify a personal trading strategy that fits your financial goals, investment horizon, and risk tolerance.

We proactively send 5 stock analyses everyday from Monday to Friday. But we do not know which stocks you’re handling. We would like to reach out to you that’s why I created the Private Clients Forum.

I would like to show you the sentiments of the top 10 players and the transactions of the online foreign brokers of your stocks within a certain period. I would like to show you their buy and sell averages so you can say, “Nice. Now I know their average buying and selling prices within that period. This gives me an idea whether I should lock in my profits or just allow my trailing stop-loss price to take care of my trade.”

I would like to tell you what my risk level indicator says about your stock based on its historical price action.

I would like to talk to you so we can let you see if foreign investors have already started selling or they’re still accumulating more shares. Maybe they’re not trading that stock significantly. You should know this information.

I would like to talk to you and give you a 360-degree overview of what I see on your stocks from the perspectives of fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis tells you which stocks you should buy.
Technical analysis tells you at what price you should buy (or sell).

I would like to be a part of your stock investment journey. I would like to give you a sense of direction.

Yes, I’d like to make our mentor-mentee relationship be more personal in terms of the frequency of our conversation in our forum. I’ll see you in our Private Clients Forum.

PS: If you’re not yet my client and you’d like to know what this Private Clients Forum is, please click here.



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