PXP, STI, PLC, ABA, BEL: Know Their Top 10 Players’ Buying and Selling Averages

There are five charts that I use whenever I trade and assist our subscribers of EquiPicks. One of those charts if the Top 10 Players chart. Why did I create this chart? For the subscribers of EquiPicks, there’s a documentation for each of the charts that we use in our Quick...

BEL Revenue Recorded an All-Time High Driven by Gaming Profits

Belle Corporation (BEL), published a high earnings record of 3.5 billion pesos and an 8 billion pesos revenue accredited from its strong gaming business revenues. The increase in revenue was pushed mainly by an increase in gaming profits, according to Belle.

Belle Corporation (BEL) – Analysis – March 21, 2017

Belle Corporation (PSE:BEL) is still trending bullishly. The support at 3.66 is holding perfectly. The 15 EMA and 20 SMA are acting as the support and both are still pointing upward. The 50 SMA and 200 SMA are still bullishly aligned. The volume has been thinning lately,  a sign...

Belle Corporation (BEL) Analysis – January 27, 2017

Belle Corporation (PSE:BEL) is trending nicely. The stock broke above 3.25 but was not able to extend further. BEL went back to test this level which is now acting as a support. The resistance at 3.38 is a pre-cursor to 3.46. BEL’s 15-day EMA and 20-day SMA are acting as a...

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