How to Use the Peak-and-Trough Analysis?

The up and down trends in the progress of price activities in all securities are called peaks and troughs. The term zigzag pattern usually describes these trends. Various chart software that recognize and analyze peaks and troughs use %-zigzag to indicate the pattern in the...

Techniques in Using Price-to-Sales Ratio

There are numerous ways on how to measure the value of equities. One of them is the price-to-sales ratio, sometimes written as Price/Sales or P/S. This is one of the simplest approaches in scaling the value of stocks. You must first get the market capitalization of the entity...

EOD Report: Dollar Gains While Bonds Drop

NEW YORK – US stocks remain close to the peaks. The dollar went up with Treasury earnings as volatility diminished from the market prior the loss of populism in the French presidential election. CBOE Volatility Index slid to an all-time low price since 1993. S&P 500...

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