Philippines’s Metal Productions Moved to P109B in 2017

According to the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), the Philippines's metal production gradually moved up to 109 billion pesos last year by 6 percent after a strong demand for and a better trend in prices of metals in the world. The value from last year was higher compared to...

Will BitCoin End Up Like Gold?

BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies are starting to get the attention of the mass public and not just business enthusiasts and investors. Will it end up like gold? Are you going to switch from trading Philippine stocks to trading bitcoin?

Would You Invest in Bitcoin?

NEW YORK – One of the most famous “cryptocurrencies” today, better known as Bitcoin, is virtual cash that uses encryption to manage the creation of new ones and protect the trades that utilize it. There are other forms of cryptocurrencies that have also been getting some...

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