How We Profited Up to 25% Trading ISM Communications Corporation

We started tradingĀ ISM Communications Corporation (ISM) last November 9, 2018. Since its intraday low of 5.81 on November 9, the highest intraday high it registered on the days that came after November 9 was 8.62. I tell my clients that my usual risk tolerance percentage when I...

Prices You Need to Monitor Tomorrow for ABA, AEV, APX, CLC, ISM, MAC, PXP, and SSI

Here are the prices that you need to monitor tomorrow, especially in the first 30 minutes of trading, for ABA, AEV, APX, CLC, ISM, MAC, PXP, and SSI.

ISM: Worthy of the Risk to Enter a New Position or Not?

ISM Communications Corporation jumped by over 295% from its low of 2.30 per share last October to its closing price of 6.80 last Friday. Is it worthy of the risk to enter a new position or you're better off not chasing it?

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