PLC: Hold Till 0.94 or Sell at 0.84?

Premium Leisure Corp. (PLC) went up by 9.33% on December 10, 2018. If you have PLC, should you hold and wait till it hits 0.94 or sell at 0.84?

PXP, STI, PLC, ABA, BEL: Know Their Top 10 Players’ Buying and Selling Averages

There are five charts that I use whenever I trade and assist our subscribers of EquiPicks. One of those charts if the Top 10 Players chart. Why did I create this chart? For the subscribers of EquiPicks, there’s a documentation for each of the charts that we use in our Quick...

Premium Leisure Corporation (PLC) – Analysis – March 13, 2017

Premium Leisure Corporation (PSE:PLC) has now made a good new 19-month high at 1.52. The stock actually retraced after hitting 1.46 and found the support at the previous resistance at 1.24. It moved below the 50 SMA but was able to recover it soon after. The 15 EMA has again...

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