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Stock Signals Philippines, you should start advertising your product on TV! Many Filipinos should discover your Online Stock Market Courses. The Philippine Stock Exchange must consider working with you in spreading financial literacy, specifically stock investing, in the Philippines. There are many e-books online that can teach you concepts and stories about the stock market. The problem is that a vast majority of them do not talk about Philippine equities.

I'm going to recommend you to my friends.

What I like the most about the Online Stock Market Courses of the Stock Signals Philippines is that it's cut for the Filipino traders and investors. They use Philippine companies to demonstrate an idea. They chart Philippine stocks. Indeed, it's created for the Filipinos, by the Filipinos. You should try this.

I've been investing in the stock market for 3 years. I do long-term investing. I don't do short-term trading because I have little to zero knowledge about technical analysis. My friend, who's also a customer of Stock Signals Philippines, referred me to their Online Stock Market Courses. I liked the outline so I bought this product. I liked it even more when I got the chance to watch the videos. This is what I need! Thanks, Stock Signals Philippines!

I'm a seafarer. I only get the chance to go home once or thrice a year. I want to thank Jaycee and the whole Stock Signals Philippines' support staff for creating the Online Stock Market Courses. I hate to say that I'm not a natural reader so it's a plus point that the courses are in a video format. I can listen or watch them in my cabin.

The Stock Signals Phillippines team is brilliant for producing this product with OFWs like me in mind. Although I want to, it's almost impossible for me to attend seminars in person.  When I go back to the Philippines for a short vacation, I'd want to spend it with my family. Again, thanks to the Stock Signals Philippines for this Online Stock Market Courses. Now, I can equip myself with the knowledge I need wherever I am in the world.

When I first read that the Stock Signals Philippines offers stock market courses, I thought I had to enroll myself in and be online on timed schedules. Thankfully I read further. I learned that I can learn at my own pace and schedule. I'm happy that you created this wonderful product that I can listen to while I am stuck in traffic. I would recommend this service to my workmates. Cheers!

Dear Jaycee and to your team,

Congratulations for a job well done in creating the new stocksignals website. Two thumbs up for a really impressive output. It is really very impressive and looks like very user friendly especially for a new investor like me. I would be very happy to recommend it to friends too. May your tribes increase. God bless you more.

Your blogs are very helpful to digest the info the market has provided that make my next decision to be more reliable.keep up the good work sir and GOD bless us all!

I always read you blog Sir, Jaycee because its very informative.

Been receiving tips and reading Jaycee's articles which has helped me tremendously on my stock investment literacy. He truly simplifies investing in a manner that newbies can easily understand. I am very grateful for his work. His advocacy to teach Filipinos in the stock market is truly a blessing. I wish him success and more blessings to him and his loved ones.

Thank you Jaycee for your informative newsletter. As a trader and investor, I appreciate having insight from different sources. Yours I find honest and accurate. I must admit I might have doubled my gains by this time have I had the same analysis on certain stocks you featured. Thanks again

Thank you for your unselfish sharing of your insights. I never missed your daily emails which helps me a lot in my trading . Even I am not your premium subscriber, I've been learning so much from your newsletters. Tips, discipline, charts, etc guide us your followers especially the Stock Signals. Thank you very much for being a big brother to all of us!!! More power to you and may God bless you and your family more and more!!!

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