[vcex_heading text=”Would you like to know whether today’s top 5 gainers and top 5 losers will continue their trend tomorrow? We will share our data-driven insights with you.” tag=”h1″ responsive_text=”true” font_weight=”bolder” text_align=”center”]

Why do we talk about the Top 5 Gainers everyday?

Traders are interested to know if the bullish momentum of the Top 5 Gainers would continue so that those who do not have those stocks yet can enter a new position if they still have a relatively good reward-to-risk ratio. Those who already hold a position in those stocks can either continue to hold their shares or average up to bag a higher profit.

Why do we talk about the Top 5 Losers everyday?

Traders who hold any of the Top 5 Losers are interested to know if those stocks would continue to plummet so that those who hold a position in those stocks could either cut their losses at once or in tranches. Those who do not have those stocks in their portfolio could get ready to enter near support or as soon as the selling pressure subsides.

Does it mean we can tell if the Top 5 Gainers will continue to soar and if the Top 5 Losers will continue to dive accurately?

No, we can’t.

So why do we still want to give our analysis of the Top 5 Gainers and Top 5 Losers on a daily basis?

It is because while no one can pinpoint what will surely happen next, our data-driven insights for these 10 stocks will help you have a confident decision instead of just basing everything on guesses and instincts. It is a lot easier to make an investment decision when your forecast is based on data.

[vcex_heading text=”SAMPLE TOP GAINER AND LOSER ANALYSES” tag=”h1″ responsive_text=”true” font_weight=”bolder” text_align=”center”]

NOTE: Please note that we covered the top gainer (1 stock) and top loser (1 stock) in these videos for sampling purposes only. We cover the Top 5 Gainers and Top 5 Losers in the premium videos.

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